Silly Venture 2k16 - Have You Played ATARI Today?

We sincerely welcome you to the official website for "Silly Venture 2k16" ! After a one year break, one of the biggest international events dedicated to our favourite Atari platforms is back.

The latest edition in 2014 gathered about 220 visitors, who arrived to Gdansk from pretty much the whole world. They came from Spain, Ireland, UK, Greece, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Holland, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. There were over 120 compo entries presented to the various categories: from the Atari VCS, through the XL/XE, ST/STe, Atari Falcon, as well as the handheld Atari Lynx console and even the final hardware child of Jack Tramiel, the 64-bit beast, Atari Jaguar.

"Silly Venture" is a maverick and unconventional event, dedicated to every fan of Atari products, which was for over 20 years the significant participant of the computer market in the world. This year's 8th edition will be held from the 11th to 13rd day of November (Friday-Sunday).

On this official website of our event you will find information about the history of Silly Venture, media reports, compo rules, event location and more news about this year's edition.

We'd like to remind about making an entry to the list of attendants in the Visitors Section if you have not already done so. It doesn't obligate you to anything but allows us to estimate the approximate number of visitors and fit our plans depending on it. Due to a technical failure, the previous list has been lost on 21st March, so if you made an entry before this date, please do it again. Thank you in advance !

And now... Get ready for the adventure at Silly Venture !

Grey & Wieczór / Mystic Bytes