Results and releases are now all up!

Check the official results here: SV2k19 RESULTS

All SV2k19 compo entries: DEMOZOO.ORG or PIGWA FTP


Yes, it's HAPPENING!



deadline extended

Cool, eh? :) Well, not really :) In fact, such a provision already exists in the SV2k19 compo rules. We won't reject any entry submitted just before the compo, but any potential risk of failure in presenting it lies with the author of the work. Please keep this in mind. We are unable to check it reliably in such a short time.

MSX/GFX & WILD Compo is planned for friday 6th December at 09:00pm, while INTRO/DEMO & GAME Compo is planned for saturday 7th December at 05:00pm.

We wish You good luck!

Well, WE HAVE IT! :) We've just received a second entry for Atari Portfolio, which means that the first DEMO COMPO in the history
of this platform (not only on SV) is becoming a fact!

DSC 0213 1

Ah... and how I could forget about THIS - a real treat for people who plan to submit their entries at SV2k19, for Atari 2600 and Atari Jaguar, Albert from AtariAge sent us 4 original games:

Atari 2600:

- Wizard of Wor
- Galagon

Atari Jaguar:

- Speedball 2
- Fantasy World Dizzy





Thank you so much, Albert!

A quick look at the prize pool, which is constantly growing! (And this is only a small part of it!)







Here is the party-place plan (+reservations). VIP option (1 table = 2 chairs - red color). Yellow color - STANDARD option (1 table = 3 chairs). This year we will have much more extra tables and chairs than in 2018 :) So, don't worry :)


Meanwhile in the 53rd issue of the big polish paper magazine... :D Hugs to Lapusz and Hospes!





THURSDAY - 5th December at 08:00pm (organizational meeting)

People who want to help in preparations for the event are traditionally welcome and desired :) There will not be much work, because this year a team will be hired to bring the tables andassemble them.

FRIDAY - 6th December

at 06:00am - gate opening
at 10:00am - show of the demoscene releases - from VCS, through XL/XE, ST/STe, Lynx, Falcon & Jaguar.
at 01:00pm - "Silly Talks" - part #1
at 02:30pm - crazy compo - Dezemberfest!
at 03:00pm - show of the best demoscene releases from Silly Venture 2000-2018 - part #1
at 04:45pm - assembly in front of the building, journey in "Hummer H2" lomousine - each group 18 persons
for one ride (so we need to make a few!). destination - "Miasto Aniolow" club ("City Of Angels"), where the official opening of the event will take place, and... regulars know :) The journey in accompaniment of demos displayed inside, listening to chip-tune music and glass of champagne :) This year we will be moving in a new "Hummer H2" version :) The difference is not only in colour, but also in equipment... :)

This is what the "Hummer H-2" journey looked like in 2013, on the way to "Kwadratowa" club, where a concert took place of our Special Guest:

at 06:15pm - 08:00pm - official SV2k19 opening in "Miasto Aniolow" club ("City Of Angels")
at 08:00pm - devil's show 18+ in the same place
at 08:15pm - come back to the party place
at 09:00pm - Wild Compo, MSX & GFX Compo (all platforms)

SATURDAY - 7th December

at 10:00am - wake up with Red Bull
at 10:30am - surprise-book premiere (unfortunately in Polish!)
at 11:00am - paper-magazine premiere (unfortunately Polish as well, however with BIG surprise for foreign guests too!)
at 11:15am - "Silly Talks" - part #2
at 12:00 noon - "NICK: T" duo - concert (ATARI STE & Commodore C64C)
at 01:30pm - surprise on the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the Atari Lynx!
at 03:00pm - show of the best demoscene releases from Silly Venture 2000-2018 - part #2
at 04:00pm - WHIP! Pong Compo
at 04:30pm - video presentation of the official opening on friday
at 05:00pm - Intro, Demo & Game Compo (all platforms)

SUNDAY - 8th December

at 10:00am - announcement of results, prize giving
at 14:00pm - door closing

This picture says more than thousand words... yes, it's happening! True legends from the Atari ST demoscene are coming to our party!


Well, we have another prize sponsor! This time it's a team from RETROHAX, which adds something to the pool for Atari Falcon fans - small external device (3 pcs.) allowing easy DSP clock switching :) (testing was done with the software like: FalcAmp, Cubase Audio, Zero-X, ANIplayer, CD Writer, Studio SON or Audio Tracker).






And we encourage you to check the RETROHAX.NET offer.

Here is the very last video-invite, just 3 weeks before the party! Feel the vibe and join us! Atari Community Rulez! :)

Santa Claus in da House, or... RJ1307 strikes back! Large amounts of prizes, which our friend Rafal overwhelms us with, has started to build up :) What has landed this time in the prize pool?

We have 8 pcs. of the "Lynx Quest" game by the "New Generation" group for the Atari Lynx, who won 1st place in "Atari Gamer Programming Competition" on the 30th anniversary of this console.


After a hard fight for "Silly Energy Drinks" this year we succeeded! Thanks to help from Adam Kłobukowski, I managed to cooperate with INTEL, who agreed to support us in this matter :) Drinks are already in production!

As with previous years, it will be given to every visitor for free!



At the "Demosplash 2019" event held this weekend in Pittsburgh (USA), the new invitation for "Silly Venture 2k19" has been released (this time for Windows-friendly platforms). Thanks to Sheriff/LAMERS for making it possible!

Download at POUET.NET: click

All invitros at DEMOZOO.ORG: click

20kg of "Silly Fudges" just landed, directly from Milanowek factory, whose sender and sponsor is Maly_Swd! Thanks a lot, Rafał! Candy wrappers designed by mOOnie/MSB.




And now look at these beautiful pearls! Everyone who submits an entry in the Atari Jaguar Game or Demo category at Silly Venture 2k19, will be in the running for one of two LED lit swanky carts which come with the "Superfly DX" game! And as well as the carts, the sponsor of these prizes also gave us two mouse adapters for this console (because there are some new Jaguar games coming up, ported from the ST, and they require them). Matt, thank you so much once again, on behalf of all SV visitors!







I am pleased to inform you, that the biggest worldwide club of Atari 8-bit users decided unanimously to support not only this year's SV event, but also the one in 2020! :) There is a package on the way to Poland filled with the prizes with a total value of 420 Euros! Among the prizes we can find (original spelling):

- Star Raiders II (x1)
- Food Fight (x1)
- Micro Print teil belegter Stecker (x2)
- Monitorkabel Cinch 3m (x1)
- Monitorkabel S-Video 3m (x1)
- Monitorkabel Scart XEGS 3m (x1)
- SIO2BT Version im SIO Stecker (x2)
- Schaltnetzteil (Europa) für ATARI XL / XE / XEGS (x2)
- Tasse 30 Jahre ABBUC (x2)
- ABBUC in a Box (x2)
- Multiyoy 8 (x1)
- ABBUC Membership (x4)
- ABBUC T-Shirt (x2)
- Mini Lamp (x5)

ABBUC STAFF - Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Ihre Zusammenarbeit!

Just to remind you, this year we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Atari Lynx handheld console at SV2k19! On this occasion we've prepared a special video-invitation :)

Have a good show!

Another year and next edition of "Silly Fudges" is coming! Thanks to Rafal Nowaczuk we will have a chance to savor the taste of traditional polish candies from a factory in Milanowek (Warsaw), "clothed" in candy wrappers designed by mOOnie :) Thanks!

Thanks to RJ1307, there are 3 copies of the album titled "Atari Propaganda / Inktober 2016 Book" on the way from William Thorup, with special dedication to Silly Venture visitors from the author :

We've got another interesting gadgets for compo contributors, this time from Karl Morris (aka Videl) from Ireland! And these are:




Thanks a lot, Karl!

Maciej Morawski informed us (acoustic of NICK:T duo band), that sound system on the party place will be powered by reputable german brand - HK Audio. Total system power: 3200W. The heart of the sound will be multichannel digital mixing console.

Our prize pool is growing almost each week! This time we would like to mention about original games, whose sponsors are - RETRONICS and GORGH:

RETRONICS - 2 pcs. of "THE RESCUE EXPEDITION" game (cartridge - ATARI XL/XE)


GORGH - his own game titled "601F" (cartridge - ATARI XL/XE) known from the latest ABBUC Software Contest 2019


My Dears, we have another great news! LOTHAREK has funded some vouchers to the sum of 2.000 PLN (~ 470 euro) for compo participants at SV2k19! It will be possible to use them later in online shop :)

Przemyslaw, thanks on behalf of visitors! :)

Silly Venture 2k19 - festival of Atarists is coming!

Yes, my friends... in two months in the north of Poland, one of the local facilities will be filled to the brim with atarists from around the world... Mr. TIA, Mr. POKEY YM2149 and Mr. CODEC :)

And because the SV is getting closer and closer, the organization is jumping into higher gear! To encourage more people to participate in the event, at the "Deadline" party in Berlin last weekend, the Mystic Bytes group in cooperation with Agenda presented an invitation for... SEGA MEGA DRIVE console in the "OLDSCHOOL DEMO" category, taking second place.

Binary is available for download, among others on the site POUET.NET

All invitations related with this year SV edition, can be found at DEMOZOO.ORG

From today, you can order the official SV2k19 T-shirts, which have been designed by mOOnie / MSB traditionally. And because this year we are celebrating 30 years of ATARI LYNX, they have hand-written greetings on the back, from the creator of this console - RJ Mical!

Od dnia dzisiejszego przyjmowane są zapisy na oficjalne T-shirty SV2k19, które tradycyjnie zaprojektował mOOnie/MSB. A ponieważ w tym roku obchodzimy 30-lecie ATARI LYNX'a, na tyle koszulki znajdują się ręcznie napisane pozdrowienia od twórcy tej konsoli - RJ Micala!


Here is the visualisation (front/back):


In addition, the Atari logo will traditionally be on the sleeve.


colour: BLACK
sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

T-shirts of brand "Fruit Of The Loom".

Price: 13 EUR

This year there are 2 options for tickets


- 20 EUR by bank transfer until the end of October (!)
- 25 EUR by bank transfer until the end of November or by cash at party-place

In this option (20 EUR / 25 EUR) the participant is entitled to: entry to the whole party (Friday-Sunday) and to the concert, free beer, gadgets in the form of a calendar on the theme of Atari for 2020, welcome pack and ... surprise).


- 63 EUR by bank transfer or by cash at party-place

In this option - everything what's in STANDARD, and additionally:

- more gadgets
- new game for ATARI XL/XE in the cassette version: "Monty On The Run" converted from C16 (available ONLY with VIP ticket - game will not be sold after party!)


monty on the run


- possibility of reservation of tables (e.g. in front of the room)
- free coffee from a pressure coffee machine during whole party


Bank transfers in Poland:
PKO S.A. 94124029331111001052279738


Foreign and Polish transfers:
PayPal -


In the title of the transfer, please enter as appropriate:

- SV STANDARD ticket (optionally + t-shirt/size)
- SV VIP ticket (optionally + t-shirt/size)
However, in the description necessarily - name, surname or nickname and size of the shirt.


SV character changes a bit this year because my current professional situation forced me to do it - hence the somewhat "commercial feature" related to the options above. I hope that this will be understood. The price of the admission ticket remains the same as last year - subject to payment by the end of this month.


At party we will have Silly Fudges (thanks Maly_SWD!), and Silly Energizers :) Also other surprises are being prepared, but you will learn about it at party-place!


And what about invitations... it's not over yet :) Stay tuned :)

Beautiful magic boxes with prizes from RJ1307 are ready! Would you like to get one? Submit your compo entry for the Atari Lynx! (game/demo).




At the "Xenium 2019" event held last weekend in Katowice/POLAND (30th August - 1st September) the new invitation for "Silly Venture 2k19" has been presented! Kudos to all guys from Agenda and Lamers who put the intro together!


My Dears, I would like to provide a clarification about compo entries for the ATARI LYNX platform, related to 30th Anniversary of this console and the available prizes. We and RJ1307, the sponsor of the awards, can now announce that there will be separate "LYNX DEMO COMPO" & "LYNX GAME COMPO" categories. In both of these, the prize for the 1st place will be:

- LYNX II with a new LCD screen, AgaCart & power supply (everything in unique "substitute" packaging - surprise!).

For the 2nd place in both categories, the winner will receive a AgaCart.

IMPORTANT! If it turns out that there's only one entry in the games category, in accordance with general Compo Rules the main prize will be automatically given to this entry whilst the AgaCart for the second place will be transferred to the Demo Category as a prize for the third place.

I am delighted to announce another highlight of this year's Silly Venture, which is a concert by the "NICK:T" duo from Lodz city/Poland! As usual we will "host" real hardware on stage, and it may even be that an additional special guest will be present listening to all of this... (details just before SV!).

Short info about "NICK:T" duo

Jerzy Wcisło - keyboardist, bass-guitarist, jazz musician, younger "Atarian"

Jarosław Kwiatkowski - keyboardist, older "Atarian"

"We have been cooperating together about 1.5 years - we create mainly instrumental music, stylistically close to the electronic years of 80's. The main composer is Jerzy. The defining feature of our work is obtained through the timbre provided by vintage synthesizers. The electronic heart of all instruments is an ATARI STE. This acts mainly as a sequencer, and our sound is hugely expanded by the use of many peripherals. Thanks to this system, we can work in the peace of our mini home studio, and also play a concert successfully. The interesting other element of this system, apart from the ATARI STE), is a Commodore C64C with special software that allows SID chips to create a full professional analog synthesiser. This is used during almost all our songs".

Old synthesizers
Steinberg MIDI3
HD SCSI (ext.)
C64C (2xSID8580)

And here's the litte preview of what we will hear "live" at SV2k19!


Finally it's here! The long awaited 2nd invitro for Falcon 030 from Sommarhack 2019! Enjoy!

Download at POUET.NET: click

All invitros at DEMOZOO.ORG: click

My Dears, as it is the 30th Anniversary of Atari Lynx, our mate RJ1307 has donated some very interesting prizes! Everyone who submits a game or demo for this console can try to "fight" for a LYNX II with a new fantastic LCD screen, or for an AGACART (Lynx SD)!

Huge thanks, RJ!

Thanks as well to Hospes for the poster.

Image result for lamers atari

At the latest edition of "Sommarhack" 2 invitations for SV2k19 were shown! One for the 8-bit Atari by "Lamers", and one for the Falcon by "Mystic Bytes". Right now you can see the first one:



Download at POUET.NET: click

All invitros at DEMOZOO.ORG: click