Here I would like to thank all sponsors, media patrons and individuals for all their efforts with all of the Silly Venture Parties. It's thanks to you there's another edition of this biggest (not only in Europe but Worldwide) event dedicated to all fans of Atari consoles and computers.

I would like to thank also ALL participants of SV - independently if they are members of the demoscene or just users. Everyone of you added one brick to the success of this event. I am so happy, that we can common care for our memories from great days of Atari - that it isn't closed book, and it has new chapters that are still to be written to it.

Besides the so called "entertainment part" of SV, it's also the place where the biggest amount of compo entries is given from Atari 2600, through XL/XE, ST/STe, Falcon and Jaguar. Thank You for every single entry given to any of the competition. Just like in the past few years, I will do my best to prize every entry, no matter what place it will reach - including those sent via e-mail (but sending of those can be delayed, sorry in advance for this!) Finally, I have an occassion to thank ALL OF YOU - people, who supported previous editions, as well as people who keep support the current one.

I want to send thanks to...



01. Anonymous1 (100 PLN)

02. OxF (256 PLN)

03. MkM (100 PLN)

04. Jesionen (60 PLN)

05. maly_swd (123,45 PLN)

06. Carrion (99,99 PLN)

07. LAMERS Group (500 PLN)

08. Pecuś (130 PLN)

09. As (66,60 PLN)

10. Hrw (100 PLN)

11. Anonymous2 (200 PLN) 

12. Takron27 (101,01 PLN)

13. Alex_D (100 PLN) 

14. Czarek Kotłowski (30 PLN)



01. Lapusz (3 x 6 months subscription of Pixel Magazine + 3 paper books)

02. Willy (if all goes to plan - CT60e with serial number 0001, Skunkboard)

03. Montezuma (3 x Bluetooth - SIO2BT project for Atari XL/XE).

04. Charlie Chaplin (CDs with software for Atari, POISON music tapes, MP3/MP4/CD/DVD players ("Music Angel" - 2 pcs.), paper magazines about Atari (including "Happy Computer", "Atari Magazin"...), disks, cables etc.

05. Lotharek / FKMC (Rapidus & Mist)

06. Adam Zalepa (subscriptions of RetroKomp Magazine, books, vouchers & amiga publications - if there's any interest).

07. Duddie (computer dust covers, CD with soundtracks from first ten re-edited games by Retronics! Last track is an Atari program!)

08. Agenda (The Masters of Pixel Art - artbook)

09. Stryker (Atari Inc. - Business is Fun book, an amazing 800 pages to read !)

10. rj1307 (MultiCart do A2600) 

11. Bart (Atari 2600jr with Video-mod /composite + s-video/ installed on board + power supply)

12. James Boulton (2 cartridges "LynxSD")



1. Urząd Miasta Gdańska

2. Radio ESKA



5. RetroKomp

6. Retronics

7. Scalac


Once again I want to thank all of you for current co-operation !


See you at Silly Venture 2k16 !

Grey / Mystic Bytes