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Only 4 months after the summer SV edition, it's time for the cooler atari atmosphere, which we all got used to over the last two decades :) The place of the event is changing, we return to the heart of the city of Gdańsk, with all the charms of the Christmas period :) Those who have already had the opportunity to participate in the winter edition of SV know how beautiful this city is in the evenings, with a giant Christmas tree, bazaars, mulled wine with cloves and orange etc

The winter edition of SV begins on the afternoon of Thursday, December 9, and ends on Sunday, December 12!

Take part in the winter edition of Silly Venture 2021 and feel this unique atmosphere of the coming Christmas, with a whole sack of gifts in the form of submitted competition entries for all ATARI platforms!

We invite you to the world's biggest wonderland under the Fuji mountain! I sincerely believe that with your help, this winter edition of SV will also go down in the history of our demoscene.

Thank you for your patience and your sympathy for Silly Venture.


For now, keep warm and see you in Gdańsk!

Grey / Mystic Bytes