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So, here we go again! Welcome to another dimension of ATARI partying! 

However this time it's not just a slogan... but a REALITY! It's surely one of my Silliest Ventures ever in history, and reaching the sky with ATARI's 50th takes literal meaning now! Ladies and Gentlemen... Gentlemen and Ladies... Yes, you read it right - it's already 50 (!) years since the date the ATARI company was originally incorporated, so let's celebrate it the right way! 

From August 12 to August 14, we meet... on the last, 34th floor of the highest-located conference room in Poland - "Olivia Star"! It is a skyscraper, one of the most modern high-rise buildings in Poland, completed in 2018 - 180 meters high (156 meters is the highest point of the facade!). We will take you up towards the stars! The view from the observation deck literally knocks you off your feet!

In addition, you can expect:

a great sound system 
- amazing screen for the visual compo entries
- perfect internet/WiFi well as good and inexpensive restaurants!

So yes, you are totally right - I lost my mind! But we only live once. Because WHEN, if not NOW? I doubt I will live to see another Atari 50th birthday, although of course I would love to. Therefore, as never before, I need your support! Let each of you contribute to this unique event as only you can! Remote entries are welcome of course. 

I want to believe that the event will be a success and we will meet 4 months later at the winter edition... Not knowing the answer to this question today, I would like to tell you right now - it was WORTH IT! Throughout all these years! Because the ATARI community is unique, as are all our memories related to it :) But if it fails, it's hard to imagine an ATARI half-century with more bang than this, right?

"I reach the sky just for a while
Am I a part of this space?
I reach the sky just for a while
Motionless universe
I see planets over my head
I reach the sky
Over my head, over my head
Stars collide..." 

(c) "Reaching The Sky" by AnVision 

So reach for the sky with us, guys! cause tomorrow may never come...

Grey / Mystic Bytes



p.s. If I have let someone down - sorry! If I can fix something else - I'll do it soon.