Welcome to the new version of the SV2022SE website! Starting from tomorrow, i.e. from June 6, we will be sharing with you information about the summer edition of our event! The website is not ready yet, but today you can get acquainted  with the location and information about accommodation, and see/add yourself to the visitors list - which we strongly encourage you to do! Traditionally, this will allow us to plan our budget more precisely, which is extremely tight... Information on tickets should appear today/tomorrow evening.

The website was traditionally prepared by the wiecz0r, the SV2022SE logo was designed by mOOnie, the background music was composed by Mr. Quiet (you have to turn it on with the blue button "PLAY" on the left), and I - Grey is responsible for the content of the site.

Additionally, Mr. Quiet has prepared music with an animation, which you can see here:



Special greetings to Unseen Menace for grammar checking!