Attention! We have quite good news for you :) One of the gadgets at SV2022WE, which participants will receive completely free of charge immediately after the Friday concert of Wacek / Arise, is his new album entitled "Atari adVenture", featuring remixes of iconic chiptunes from both Atari XL/XE and Atari ST/STe!

"Atari adVenture" consists of 15 remixes in an energetic, electronic style known from Wacek's demoparty performances, and the graphic design of the album is the work of magnificent mOOnie / Mystic Bytes!

Wacek's Friday concert will be the world premiere of the material from the album and some bonus tracks. After SV2022WE, the CD will also be available to purchase online, we will inform you about the details in due time :)

CD Cover